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Cats vs. Christmas Trees
Date:  12/21/2014
Title:  Cats vs. Christmas Trees
Description:  cats vs. christmas trees from - A compilation of cats shamelessly destroying Christmas trees.
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Dog Fetch Fails
Date:  12/21/2014
Title:  Dog Fetch Fails
Description:  dog fetch fails from - A compilation of dogs who are hilariously awful at catching and fetching.
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Turtle Turns A Friend Over
Date:  12/18/2014
Title:  Turtle Turns A Friend Over
Description:  turtle turns a friend over from that happened! - These turtles are just like those teenaged turtles but much younger and more helpful apparently.
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Rottweiler Loves Cat
Date:  12/18/2014
Title:  Rottweiler Loves Cat
Description:  rottweiler loves cat from that happened! - Even the cat cant believe its happening.
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Amazing Cat and Dogs Sing Silent Night
Date:  12/17/2014
Title:  Amazing Cat and Dogs Sing Silent Night
Description:  amazing cat and dogs sing silent night from badauntie - The night will be anything but silent when cats and dogs sing!
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Herman the Sulcata Tortoise looks for Santa
Date:  12/10/2014
Title:  Herman the Sulcata Tortoise looks for Santa
Description:  herman the sulcata tortoise looks for santa from heard museum - Herman, the Sulcata tortoise, advised us that Father Christmas may have already arrived ahead of the Holiday Trail of Lights fundraising event! We went out on the sanctuary looking for him today and almost caught him. More info at
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Date:  12/7/2014
Title:  yaaa
Description:  yaaa from i dont care - yaaa
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Goofy Mug Of A Pug
Date:  12/4/2014
Title:  Goofy Mug Of A Pug
Description:  goofy mug of a pug from joseph d. smith - Dont let his size fool you! Fred is our pet puppy, a rare and miniature Pug! He is so goofy, and even though he is angry, your heart will simply melt with laughter at the cuteness!
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Ewok Puppy on Treadmill
Date:  12/3/2014
Title:  Ewok Puppy on Treadmill
Description:  ewok puppy on treadmill from that happened! - Just in time for Star Wars, this Ewok dog is in training for the Force Awakens.
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Ticklish Kitten
Date:  12/3/2014
Title:  Ticklish Kitten
Description:  ticklish kitten from that happened! - Its like surprised kitten all of a sudden got ticklish and it was adorable.
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Date:  12/2/2014
Title:  Rudolph
Description:  rudolph from never repeat jokes - 1/2 Clown 1/2 Reindeer
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Teacup Yorkie Puppies
Date:  11/28/2014
Title:  Teacup Yorkie Puppies
Description:  teacup yorkie puppies from teacup yorkie puppies - Visit our website now to see all the amazing Tiny Teacup Micro amp;amp; Toy Yorkie puppies we have available and choose your new Yorkshire terrier puppy today!Located in Los Angeles CA and Las Vegas NV.
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All Turkeys Go to Heaven
Date:  11/25/2014
Title:  All Turkeys Go to Heaven
Description:  all turkeys go to heaven from goo•goo studio - Music by Danny Elfman quot;Ice Dancequot;
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Ferret Jump Fail
Date:  11/21/2014
Title:  Ferret Jump Fail
Description:  ferret jump fail from that happened! - This ferret almost makes it, almost.
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What Your Cat is Thinking
Date:  11/21/2014
Title:  What Your Cat is Thinking
Description:  what your cat is thinking from elyse brandau - WRITTEN by Elyse Brandau DIRECTED by Elyse Brandau amp; Lauren Ireland SOUND by Pat Maddox and Nikita K. Carpenter Jr. PRODUCED by Elyse Brandau EDITED by Pat Maddox DP: Nikita K. Carpenter Jr. CATS, IN ORDER OF APPEARANCE: Billy Bob Thompson ( Elyse Brandau ( David Ebert (h...
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Standing Cat is the New Best Cat
Date:  11/20/2014
Title:  Standing Cat is the New Best Cat
Description:  standing cat is the new best cat from that happened! - If your cat cant stand youre probably not living life to the fullest.
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Horse Having the Best Time
Date:  11/20/2014
Title:  Horse Having the Best Time
Description:  horse having the best time from that happened! - At first this horse doesnt seem to like the river, then the horse seriously starts to love it.
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Date:  11/12/2014
Description:  doctor who- finally a ginger... cat from catnip420 - Join my Rescue Kitties at Soundclips downloaded from
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Sleepy Puppy Won;t Wake Up
Date:  11/11/2014
Title:  Sleepy Puppy Won;t Wake Up
Description:  sleepy puppy won;t wake up from that happened! - We all wish we were this dog.
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Owl Face is Good
Date:  11/11/2014
Title:  Owl Face is Good
Description:  owl face is good from that happened! - This owl is the kind of owl Id like to see daily.
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Date:  11/8/2014
Title:  MY DOG IS A DJ
Description:  my dog is a dj from brittanyblazexxx - WATCH DJ ROCKING ROCKY KICK ASS ON THE TURNTABLES AND BEAT DJ KITTY SCRATCH
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Focused Kitty is Focused
Date:  11/6/2014
Title:  Focused Kitty is Focused
Description:  focused kitty is focused from that happened! - Theres something up there.
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Dorito;s Man Call
Date:  11/5/2014
Title:  Dorito;s Man Call
Description:  dorito;s man call from jeffcrone - Our 2013 entry for Doritos quot;Crash the Super Bowlquot;.
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Happy Halloween from Bigfoot!   From Deep in the Bowels of the Hidden Cave Rave Dance club
Date:  10/31/2014
Title:  Happy Halloween from Bigfoot! From Deep in the Bowels of the Hidden Cave Rave Dance club
Description:  happy halloween from bigfoot! from deep in the bowels of the hidden cave rave dance club from robot vs gorilla - Just watch it you lazy piece of crap. see more on youtube BIGFOOT SPEAKS. or Facebook bigfoot speaks
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Date:  10/30/2014
Description:  you are going to die from robot vs gorilla - October 2013 Two hikers went on a five day backpacking trip into the wilderness of Sequoia National Park. They never returned. A week after their disappearance, their tent and equipment were found. GPS led to the revovery of one of the mens Iphones. It was located 200 feet up in a Sequoia tree. This is the footage found on that phone.
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