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Who Let the Cat Out
Date:  3/28/2015
Title:  Who Let the Cat Out
Description:  Beauty is Living for Today
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Weekly Puppy Video 34
Date:  3/26/2015
Title:  Weekly Puppy Video 34
Description:  Weekly video containing cute puppies and craziness.
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A Dog Named Freedom
Date:  3/21/2015
Title:  A Dog Named Freedom
Description:  A Dog Named Freedom;s a metaphor for a paradox for all living things for instance, Americans if you;re bigoteous. A Dog Named Freedom is like a double edged canine. On one hand, she;s your best friend but on the other, she knows your vulnerabilities and every now-n-again she takes a big chunk outta yo backside. Just to remind you Freedom sweet Freedom is a bitch Charlie Brown. Let;s say Freedom...
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Raccoon Roll to Rolling Stones
Date:  3/20/2015
Title:  Raccoon Roll to Rolling Stones
Description:  I know it;s only Raccoon Roll but I like it... Like it... Yes I do! Thanks Rolling Stones, AFV and some random, racist, raccoon, rolling n rolling. Just kidding I;m just saying 9 outta 10 raccoons are straight up racist. We were raise in the woodlands and my lil brother just a kept ...
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Weekly Puppy Video 33
Date:  3/19/2015
Title:  Weekly Puppy Video 33
Description:  weekly video featuring puppies and sarcasm
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Parrot is Sean Connery;s James Bond
Date:  3/17/2015
Title:  Parrot is Sean Connery;s James Bond
Description:  The name is Parrot. James Bond Parrot.
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Cat, Caught Your Tongue?
Date:  3/11/2015
Title:  Cat, Caught Your Tongue?
Description:  What this cat does while getting her back scratched will literally make you laugh out loud! Definitely a MUST watch! View and SHARE on YouTube:
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Weekly Puppy Video 32
Date:  3/11/2015
Title:  Weekly Puppy Video 32
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World;s Largest Seagull
Date:  3/10/2015
Title:  World;s Largest Seagull
Description:  One fine day
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A Dingo Ate My Baby
Date:  3/10/2015
Title:  A Dingo Ate My Baby
Description:  Jerry;s first movie. (For Trent Kidd)
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HOW TO PET A CAT - the music video
Date:  3/7/2015
Title:  HOW TO PET A CAT - the music video
Description:  Finally, a song that walks you through the tightrope that is the art of petting a cat
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The Bachelor With Dogs with Scott Eastwood
Date:  3/4/2015
Title:  The Bachelor With Dogs with Scott Eastwood
Description:  with Funny Or Die, Scott Eastwood
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Weekly Puppy Video 31
Date:  3/4/2015
Title:  Weekly Puppy Video 31
Description:  weekly puppy video 31 from weekly puppies - Weekly puppy video featuring cute baby dogs and mild insanity.
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Cockatoo Going Nuts
Date:  3/2/2015
Title:  Cockatoo Going Nuts
Description:  cockatoo going nuts from internet videos - Go home cockatoo youre drunk. Oh wait, youre already home, continue on then.
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FUNNY GORDON RAMSAY IS ANGRY! Hell;s Kitchen New Season Preview
Date:  2/27/2015
Title:  FUNNY GORDON RAMSAY IS ANGRY! Hell;s Kitchen New Season Preview
Description:  funny gordon ramsay is angry! hell;s kitchen new season preview from something fuzzy -;list=PLNV_AY-LPjeVGyJkDUsZmKWtrAKA2Ykyp
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Pulp Fiction with Cats
Date:  2/24/2015
Title:  Pulp Fiction with Cats
Description:  pulp fiction with cats from something fuzzy - Pet Fiction
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Lorde - Yorkie Parody
Date:  2/24/2015
Title:  Lorde - Yorkie Parody
Description:  lorde - yorkie parody from something fuzzy - Lorde of the Ring
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87th Oscars
Date:  2/24/2015
Title:  87th Oscars
Description:  87th oscars from something fuzzy - Acatemy Awards
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Thong Scare (Narrated Version)
Date:  2/23/2015
Title:  Thong Scare (Narrated Version)
Description:  thong scare (narrated version) from bonnie walker - What I believe my cat must have been thinking while examining the most terrifying thing shes ever encountered (my thong underwear). Vagina jokes are welcome, but just for the record, it did go through an entire wash cycle immediately before filming. ;) Stay tuned to my ridiculousness by subscribing to my new channel!
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Weekly puppy video 30
Date:  2/20/2015
Title:  Weekly puppy video 30
Description:  weekly puppy video 30 from weekly puppies - Each week a youtube video is created featuring a new gaggle of puppies, and subliminal shots at everyday life
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Live News Dog Not Having It
Date:  2/18/2015
Title:  Live News Dog Not Having It
Description:  live news dog not having it from tubulargoldmine - This dog doesnt want to choose your partner either, this dog wants a toy and snacks.
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Interracial Duck couple avoid the tough questions.
Date:  2/18/2015
Title:  Interracial Duck couple avoid the tough questions.
Description:  interracial duck couple avoid the tough questions. from jamie qureshi - I ran into an interracial duck couple in East LA and tried to get them to open up about the challenges they face.
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Dubstepping Kitty
Date:  2/17/2015
Title:  Dubstepping Kitty
Description:  dubstepping kitty from bonnie walker - My cats got a FEVER! And the only purrrscription is MORE DUBSTEP!
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Willy;s chair
Date:  2/17/2015
Title:  Willy;s chair
Description:  willy;s chair from sanleslucas - Cute cat defends quot;hisquot; chair
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Asshole Cat
Date:  2/12/2015
Title:  Asshole Cat
Description:  asshole cat from internet videos - COME ON CATS GET IT TOGETHER!
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