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New Puppy!
Date:  3/25/2015
Title:  New Puppy!
Description:  Welcome Puppy video
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Portrait of a Genius: The Next Stanley Kubrick
Date:  3/22/2015
Title:  Portrait of a Genius: The Next Stanley Kubrick
Description:  One artist;s journey to find a greater truth.
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"Right Underneath my Nose"
Date:  3/20/2015
Title:  "Right Underneath my Nose"
Description:  Two roommates discover that they have more in common than they thought
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Date:  3/20/2015
Title:  Skookie
Description:  I am Skookie
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Grandma Goes Down
Date:  3/17/2015
Title:  Grandma Goes Down
Description:  This clip from Our First Home might be our last.
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Date:  3/16/2015
Title:  Mature
Description:  Martha (Olivia Doud) and Sydney (Christina Parrish) are having an innocent sleepover when things get decidedly more mature.
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Joey;s Nacho Cheese Food Challenge!
Date:  3/7/2015
Title:  Joey;s Nacho Cheese Food Challenge!
Description:  Joey attempts to eat Nacho Cheese without using his hands...Will he succeed? Or Not? That is the question.
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Funny Drunk Indians #HappensOnlyInIndia
Date:  3/6/2015
Title:  Funny Drunk Indians #HappensOnlyInIndia
Description:  Legends of men who drink senselessly and perform great feats for our entertainment. These Indian street artists are many in number and are usually a stones throw from the liquor store.
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GrabMyEssay - profesional writing service
Date:  3/5/2015
Title:  GrabMyEssay - profesional writing service
Description:  grabmyessay - profesional writing service from grabmyessay channel - Watch out new video from our site with the ultimate guideline to ordering process on GrabMyEssay - lt;a href=;http://www.grabmyessay.comlt;/agt;
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It;s Raining and Snowing - Silliness
Date:  2/26/2015
Title:  It;s Raining and Snowing - Silliness
Description:  it;s raining and snowing - silliness from yo wullus - Just a silly skit of me and my younger cousin Mathew. Where he really doesnt know what Im saying and I dont either. Dry comedy at its finest hour of the day possibly, or maybe just out right Dumb. You be the judge!
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Panda Coin
Date:  2/24/2015
Title:  Panda Coin
Description:  panda coin from shaun so stupid - Flipping through VFW magazine on a lunch break, I came across an offer to enticing to refuse.
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Gentle Lovers
Date:  2/23/2015
Title:  Gentle Lovers
Description:  gentle lovers from ginoc009 - A screwball romantic comedy in the vein of such classics as Little Lord Fontelroy, You Can’t Take It With You, and Maid In Manhattan, Gentle Lovers tests the love bonds of a well-groomed milksop and his ever-so-slightly more adventurous paramour in an epic spat of jealousy, betrayal, and hypersensitivity. Pity poor Will Marksby. In reading his literary club newsle...
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Phone Etiquette
Date:  2/20/2015
Title:  Phone Etiquette
Description:  phone etiquette from bucklips - Just a public service announcement
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Endless Vagina (Spongebobfan Original)
Date:  2/19/2015
Title:  Endless Vagina (Spongebobfan Original)
Description:  endless vagina (spongebobfan original) from spongebobfan35 - See it on youtube: Download here:
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Close that goddamn door
Date:  2/8/2015
Title:  Close that goddamn door
Description:  close that goddamn door from espo633 - Crazy neighbor lady
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Evil Monster Deatroys Texas Tech Snow Penis
Date:  2/4/2015
Title:  Evil Monster Deatroys Texas Tech Snow Penis
Description:  evil monster deatroys texas tech snow penis from internet videos - The guy in this plow didnt have to be such a dick about it.
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Crazy Hockey Dad Busts Glass
Date:  2/4/2015
Title:  Crazy Hockey Dad Busts Glass
Description:  crazy hockey dad busts glass from internet videos - WAY TO GO PAUL!
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Guitar Zero
Date:  2/3/2015
Title:  Guitar Zero
Description:  guitar zero from maxwasson2 - Meet the worlds suckish guitar player ever known.
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Open Mic Comic Sucker Punches Emcee In The Face
Date:  1/31/2015
Title:  Open Mic Comic Sucker Punches Emcee In The Face
Description:  open mic comic sucker punches emcee in the face from joedeeznuts - At a comedy show where swear words are prohibited, an open mic quot;comedianquot; took to polling the audience (which consisted of a lot of his friends) to see if he should swear or not. After cussing three times and not telling one joke, the emcee went to pull him for the night. He then punched him in the face.
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ignou distance education baby ad
Date:  1/29/2015
Title:  ignou distance education baby ad
Description:  ignou distance education baby ad from ignou distance education - Indira Gandhi National Open University is the nodal agency responsible for implementing the distance education component throughout the country Master of Arts in Adult Education,Master of Business Administration (Banking amp; Finance),Master of Business Administration.
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Video các cô gái du?c tr? ti?n d? khoe ng?c kh?ng
Date:  1/23/2015
Title:  Video các cô gái du?c tr? ti?n d? khoe ng?c kh?ng
Description:  video các cô gái du?c tr? ti?n d? khoe ng?c kh?ng from cliptroll24h - Video các cô gái du?c tr? ti?n d? khoe ng?c kh?ng
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The Flatwood Monster eye wittness
Date:  1/21/2015
Title:  The Flatwood Monster eye wittness
Description:  the flatwood monster eye wittness from uncadollas - Various descriptions of the entity exist. Most agree that it was at least 7 feet (2.1 m) tall, had a black body, and a black face which appeared to glow from within. Witnesses described the creatures head as elongated, with non-human eyes. Witnesses describe the head as either shaped like a sideways diamond, or as having a large circular cowling...
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Champagne Fail
Date:  1/21/2015
Title:  Champagne Fail
Description:  champagne fail from internet videos - Never point a champagne bottle at your face or you will feel the pain.
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Dumb Waitress
Date:  1/20/2015
Title:  Dumb Waitress
Description:  dumb waitress from marcus comedy - 2 Billion
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Date:  1/19/2015
Description:  love and stuff from golden deuce films - quot;A love story thats too good to be true. Because it isnt.quot; LOVE AND STUFF: A fake 1950s love film / sketch comedy short from Golden Deuce Films. Written, Directed and Produced by George Christopher Lopez Starring: Mary Nevada Maile, Bryan Hamilton Music by keywords: love and stuff, love and stuff video, love story, fake love...
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