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Pug Ain;t F*ckin; With You
Date:  3/4/2015
Title:  Pug Ain;t F*ckin; With You
Description:  This pug peeing on two legs don;t give a fuck.
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Love Has No Recall
Date:  3/4/2015
Title:  Love Has No Recall
Description:  love has no recall from jack justin - Arnold Schwarzenegger crashes the Love has No Labels party.
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Madonna is Old
Date:  2/25/2015
Title:  Madonna is Old
Description:  with Madonna Falls
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Madonna Mad Men
Date:  2/25/2015
Title:  Madonna Mad Men
Description:  with Madonna Falls
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Conflict: The Struggle Within
Date:  2/24/2015
Title:  Conflict: The Struggle Within
Description:  conflict: the struggle within from badlion vids - A video about animals.
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Funny Or Die Sizzle
Date:  2/23/2015
Title:  Funny Or Die Sizzle
Description:  with Funny Or Die
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Chris Hardwick Wipe Supercut
Date:  2/23/2015
Title:  Chris Hardwick Wipe Supercut
Description:  Nobody wipes better than the host of @midnight, Chris Hardwick.
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"The Parks Wing" opening credits
Date:  2/20/2015
Title:  "The Parks Wing" opening credits
Description:  "the parks wing" opening credits from cameron fleming - What if the stately opening credits to The West Wing met the nonstop hijinks of Parks and Recreation? A parody by Cameron Fleming.
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Fifty Shades of Play
Date:  2/13/2015
Title:  Fifty Shades of Play
Description:  fifty shades of play from rwhitlock - Personally I find the character of quot;Christian Greyquot; just downright silly. I like my version better.
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Beck Vs. Kanye "Loser" Mashup
Date:  2/10/2015
Title:  Beck Vs. Kanye "Loser" Mashup
Description:  These guys have a future in the studio #Beckye
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Date:  2/4/2015
Description:  Another Black show for us to enjoy!
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Date:  2/3/2015
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Bonnie and Beccer Reunite!
Date:  1/31/2015
Title:  Bonnie and Beccer Reunite!
Description:  bonnie and beccer reunite! from bonnie walker - A couple of old chorus geeks reminiscing on the good times and just being our cray cray selves. For more of my ridiculousness, please visit the following link to subscribe to my new channel!
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Hulk Hogan + Moombahton = Hulkahton (Get Dome)
Date:  1/30/2015
Title:  Hulk Hogan + Moombahton = Hulkahton (Get Dome)
Description:  hulk hogan + moombahton = hulkahton (get dome) from dj steve porter - Try not to blink as we take a journey through Hulkahton. Official release here -
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Kutreclame schimmelreiniger (Dutch commercial)
Date:  1/29/2015
Title:  Kutreclame schimmelreiniger (Dutch commercial)
Description:  kutreclame schimmelreiniger (dutch commercial) from taravilyaion - Canesten vs HG
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#DeflateGate Recap Mashup by dj steve porter
Date:  1/29/2015
Title:  #DeflateGate Recap Mashup by dj steve porter
Description:  #deflategate recap mashup by dj steve porter from dj steve porter - ICYMI this should just about cover it
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YouTube Sings! James Blunt "You;re Beautiful"
Date:  1/26/2015
Title:  YouTube Sings! James Blunt "You;re Beautiful"
Description:  youtube sings! james blunt "you;re beautiful" from youtube sings! - Youtube sings quot;Youre Beautifulquot;
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SpongeBob Edited - Nature Pants
Date:  1/22/2015
Title:  SpongeBob Edited - Nature Pants
Description:  spongebob edited - nature pants from superidiotman00 - Spongebob runs away from home.
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Date:  1/21/2015
Description:  liargo liar from ian_skalski - quot;Argo fuck yourself.quot; -John Goodman
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SpongeBob Edited - Squidward the Unfriendly Whore
Date:  1/16/2015
Title:  SpongeBob Edited - Squidward the Unfriendly Whore
Description:  spongebob edited - squidward the unfriendly whore from superidiotman00 - Squidwards ploy to make Spongebob and Patrick do his bidding eventually backfires.
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Boyhood Meets World
Date:  1/14/2015
Title:  Boyhood Meets World
Description:  boyhood meets world from avery monsen - Filmed over 7 years with the same cast, Richard Linklaters BOYHOOD MEETS WORLD is a groundbreaking story of growing up as seen through the eyes of a child named Cory (Ben Savage), who literally grows up on screen before our eyes. Also, his brother gets super weird for some reason.
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LEAKED!!! McDonald;s Unaired Commercial (Unused Signs From the Cutting Floor)
Date:  1/12/2015
Title:  LEAKED!!! McDonald;s Unaired Commercial (Unused Signs From the Cutting Floor)
Description:  Unaired leaked sign footage from McDonald;s new ad campaign, Signs, which premiered during the Golden Globes!
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Dinosaur Footprints in NYC Sidewalk
Date:  1/10/2015
Title:  Dinosaur Footprints in NYC Sidewalk
Description:  dinosaur footprints in nyc sidewalk from brian wiles - I found some ancient dino tracks on my way to get coffee today.
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Biden In 2016?
Date:  1/9/2015
Title:  Biden In 2016?
Description:  biden in 2016? from amick - Lets hope not...
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Darth FIction
Date:  1/9/2015
Title:  Darth FIction
Description:  darth fiction from amick - Windu isnt taking any crap today...
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