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The Island
Date:  8/28/2016
Title:  The Island
Description:  Alisa talks about what she thinks happens to men after she sleeps with them.
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The Party
Date:  8/28/2016
Title:  The Party
Description:  Anything can happen at the Company Christmas Party
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Earth 2.0
Date:  8/28/2016
Title:  Earth 2.0
Description:  The fate of repopulating the human race is at the fate of a new planet.
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Date:  8/25/2016
Title:  Manpon
Description:  Manpon - "The Tampon for Men"
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Tinder for Real
Date:  8/19/2016
Title:  Tinder for Real
Description:  What happens when the popular dating app meets reality? A whole lotta awkwardness.
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Tinder for Real Outtakes
Date:  8/19/2016
Title:  Tinder for Real Outtakes
Description:  Extra footage from our Tinder For Real Sketch
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Dr Chad Kulgood: Shitty Hugs PSA
Date:  8/19/2016
Title:  Dr Chad Kulgood: Shitty Hugs PSA
Description:  Dr. Kulgood explains the secret of a good hug, and what to avoid.
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Give Us Money
Date:  8/19/2016
Title:  Give Us Money
Description:  Become a supporter and help spread laughter to those in need
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Twerk Me Some of That
Date:  8/19/2016
Title:  Twerk Me Some of That
Description:  A Typical Friday Night
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The Many loves of Benjamin Episode #2-THE DATE
Date:  8/19/2016
Title:  The Many loves of Benjamin Episode #2-THE DATE
Description:  Benjamin (Ryan Burton) endures his first date for the article with a flighty man named Michael (Played by Caleb Schaaf) and It ends much sooner than he expects.
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Date:  8/17/2016
Description:  The SUBWAY STRIPPER works the pole for unsuspecting New York City commuters. Starring The Subway Stripper............Mark Hudson Music Thank you;s: Warrant - Cherry Pie Techno on Youtube
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The Jéan Jus-Jus School of Jazz
Date:  8/16/2016
Title:  The Jéan Jus-Jus School of Jazz
Description:  Classically trained guitarist Jéan Jus-Jus invites you to share in his passion for jazz.
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Driving while black
Date:  8/13/2016
Title:  Driving while black
Description:  Officer Rick Skeeter is involved in yet another shooting.
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Straight Outta Control
Date:  8/11/2016
Title:  Straight Outta Control
Description:  Meet the world;s worst phone counselor.
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Jack Plotnick directs Deven Green in "Death Scene"
Date:  8/9/2016
Title:  Jack Plotnick directs Deven Green in "Death Scene"
Description:  Jack tries to direct Deven in a simply death scene to no avail. Unfortunately her new acting coach Tom Lenk is even worse than the last. Special guest star model Jonathan Kidder.
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Jack Plotnick directs Deven Green in "Birthing Scene"
Date:  8/9/2016
Title:  Jack Plotnick directs Deven Green in "Birthing Scene"
Description:  Jack Plotnick tries to direct a very thin and completely incompetent Deven Green in a simple birthing scene to no avail. Deven enlists the help of a new acting coach - Drew Droege!
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Paying Bills Be Like
Date:  8/7/2016
Title:  Paying Bills Be Like
Description:  Two roommates come to blows over a utility bill and SH*T GETS KRAY srsly. If the Odd Couple stayed in that cabin from Evil Dead 1 and 2. It;s Die Hard in a suburban home. It;s the 2016 election in a split-level house. It;s Three Men and a Baby if the third man was the camera guy and the baby was played by a very sharp knife. Written and directed by Alejandro Espinoza and Michael Benton of B...
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Date:  8/4/2016
Title:  Tinderitis
Description:  This video will help you navigate the Tinder dating scene. Warning: You may end up with Tinderitis :(
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Exit Survey
Date:  8/3/2016
Title:  Exit Survey
Description:  A woman asks her ex to answer a few questions to help her move on. But is she ready for his answers? A short comedy about finding out what REALLY went wrong in a relationship. Starring Kim Shaw (She;s Out of Your League, "Saving Hope") and Blake Cooper Griffin (Love is All You Need?, Standing Up). Directed by: Thom Harp Written by: Kristyn Carey amp; Thom Harp Produced by: Dave Holt...
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Creepy Shirtless Fat Actor Guy!
Date:  8/3/2016
Title:  Creepy Shirtless Fat Actor Guy!
Description:  Here;s a video of a creepy shirtless fat actor guy! Just reading a script basically! ENJOY!
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Mulva Lends a Hand
Date:  8/3/2016
Title:  Mulva Lends a Hand
Description:  Sometimes you need help asking for what you really, really want. And that;s why Michelle has Mulva to lend a hand. You;ll never look at Muppets the same way again. A short raunch-com starring Erica Rhodes (@midnight) and Elisha Yaffe (BETTER CALL SAUL). Starring: Erica Rhodes, Elisha Yaffe Composer: Grant Kirkhope Cinematographer: Alyssa Brocato Producer: Dave Holton Writer/Director: Thom ...
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Keeping Things Professional
Date:  7/30/2016
Title:  Keeping Things Professional
Description:  When two would-be assassins can;t agree on their instructions, they are forced to improvise before everything falls apart.
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Gamer Girls
Date:  7/26/2016
Title:  Gamer Girls
Description:  Written by Katie Elsaesser featuring Katie Elsaesser, Suzanne Cotsakos, Lauren Howard Hayes amp; Dione Kuraoka. Visit for more videos. [Song Credit: Bensound]
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Men;s Swearhouse
Date:  7/25/2016
Title:  Men;s Swearhouse
Description:  Shel Gillman introduces you to his store;s fine line of suits for men.
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"30 Dates on Craigslist": "The Ad"
Date:  7/24/2016
Title:  "30 Dates on Craigslist": "The Ad"
Description:  So, dating women off Craigslist has not exactly gone smoothly for Lou Anderson. His best friend, Mimi, tries to do him a solid and offers to give him at least ONE good experience from this wager proposed by his friends. So she makes herself "eligible" to be one of "The Craigslist Girls". This happened...
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