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Sean Hayes Travels
Date:  10/24/2014
Title:  Sean Hayes Travels
Description:  Ellen sat down with one of her favorites, the hilarious Sean Hayes, to discuss his recent adventures with his other half.
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Ellens Gardener Auditions
Date:  10/24/2014
Title:  Ellens Gardener Auditions
Description:  The search is on to fill Ellen's gardener position while Nick films "Magic Mike XXL." Here are the top contenders so far!
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Duplic8 Gets Down
Date:  10/24/2014
Title:  Duplic8 Gets Down
Description:  This dancing duo brought the heat on Ellen's show!
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Ellen the Homework Helperer
Date:  10/24/2014
Title:  Ellen the Homework Helperer
Description:  She's not just a pretty face. Ellen offered to help her viewers with their homework. Here's how it went.
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World Series Superfans Get Tickets from Ellen!
Date:  10/24/2014
Title:  World Series Superfans Get Tickets from Ellen!
Description:  Ellen surprised these twins in Missouri with the gift of a lifetime! They sure were excited.
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Mattress Firm Memories
Date:  10/24/2014
Title:  Mattress Firm Memories
Description:  It's been an amazing ride with Ellen's sponsor, Mattress Firm. She took a look back at all of the magic moments.
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The Mattress Firm Grand Finale
Date:  10/24/2014
Title:  The Mattress Firm Grand Finale
Description:  Who better to end Ellen's brilliant new crime drama than Sean Hayes?! Check out the dramatic conclusion.
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Astounding Kid Dancer Aidan Xiong
Date:  10/24/2014
Title:  Astounding Kid Dancer Aidan Xiong
Description:  When Ellen saw his video on the internet she was blown away! She had to meet the young performer, and today she did! Choreography by Tricia Miranda.
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Do They Know or Will They Go?
Date:  10/23/2014
Title:  Do They Know or Will They Go?
Description:  Ellen challenged three excited members of her audience to a game on her infamous Know or Go machine!
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Ellens QVC Rejects
Date:  10/23/2014
Title:  Ellens QVC Rejects
Description:  Ellen is launching her line of home goods on QVC this Friday! She shared a few of her favorite pieces, and some that didn't make the cut.
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The Mattress Firm Episode 2
Date:  10/23/2014
Title:  The Mattress Firm Episode 2
Description:  Ellen's new crime drama is heating up with stars like Fergie and Casey Wilson! Check out the action.
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Casey Wilson on Her Dad
Date:  10/23/2014
Title:  Casey Wilson on Her Dad
Description:  The star of the new show "Marry Me" stopped by and told Ellen about her hilarious dad.
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Heads Up! Fergie Does Accents for Ellen
Date:  10/23/2014
Title:  Heads Up! Fergie Does Accents for Ellen
Description:  Check it out from Ellen¹s perspective as Fergie shows off her talent for accents!
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Ellen and Fergie Play Heads Up!
Date:  10/23/2014
Title:  Ellen and Fergie Play Heads Up!
Description:  The Fergalicious performer has a knack for accents, which Ellen put to the test in this round of "Heads Up!" You can get "Heads Up!" in the App Store and the ...
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Taylor Swift Knows Adam Levine’s Weakness
Date:  10/23/2014
Title:  Taylor Swift Knows Adam Levine’s Weakness
Description:  He may seem immune to all mortal flaws, but Adam Levine has one weakness, and Taylor Swift knows what it is.
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Taylor Swift’s Deepest Fear
Date:  10/23/2014
Title:  Taylor Swift’s Deepest Fear
Description:  She told Ellen about her deep and desperate (if not idly irrational) fear awaiting her in the ocean.
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Fergie on Her Son
Date:  10/23/2014
Title:  Fergie on Her Son
Description:  She brought photos of her adorable son with handsome husband Josh Duhamel!
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Lady Antebellum Performs Freestyle
Date:  10/22/2014
Title:  Lady Antebellum Performs Freestyle
Description:  Ellen show favorites and country superstars Lady Antebellum were in the house for this awesome performance.
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A Surprise Auction in Ellens Audience
Date:  10/22/2014
Title:  A Surprise Auction in Ellens Audience
Description:  She offered her mug to raise money for breast cancer research, and no one could have expected these results!
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The Inspiring Noah Galloway
Date:  10/22/2014
Title:  The Inspiring Noah Galloway
Description:  Noah Galloway lost two limbs serving our country, but what he's been able to accomplish since then is nothing short of incredible.
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Breaking Bad Action Figures?
Date:  10/22/2014
Title:  Breaking Bad Action Figures?
Description:  Some parents are concerned about the new "Breaking Bad" toys. Ellen's not so happy either.
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The Mattress Firm, Episode 1
Date:  10/22/2014
Title:  The Mattress Firm, Episode 1
Description:  Ellen enlisted some of her celebrity friends, like Lady Antebellum and Bill Murray, to participate in her thrilling new crime drama.
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Bill Murray on His St. Vincent Director
Date:  10/22/2014
Title:  Bill Murray on His St. Vincent Director
Description:  The iconic star was here for the first time to tell Ellen about his experience working with new writer/director Theodore Melfi on this exciting film.
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Bill Murrays Christmas Special
Date:  10/22/2014
Title:  Bill Murrays Christmas Special
Description:  He told Ellen about his exciting new project with Sofia Coppola.
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Shailene Woodley on Traveling the World
Date:  10/22/2014
Title:  Shailene Woodley on Traveling the World
Description:  The brilliant actress has an interesting approach to choosing a place to live. She told Ellen about it.
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