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My Life, My Story Part 1 | The Creative Lady | HBCU College Experience

Description I'm sharing my video for my challenge: Write Your Own Obituary. This is NOT a morbid challenge but rather a way to assess where you are in your life. What you have accomplished and if necessary, to make the changes to make it right since you still have time. It is also a chance to reflect and maybe realize why you are the person you are today. Why you do the things you do. I was born in a small town and it was not always easy being an only child. Because I was small, I was often the target of bullies but Leo instincts took over the potential to allow any of that non-sense. Attempted bullying made me a strong minded person. I never gave in to peer pressure and joined the crowd in group decisions to pick on a defenseless person. Rather, it made me seek that person out, be their friend and stick up for them. I'm still that way today. Video #1 Video #2 Video #3 Unfortunately, by 3rd grade, I discovered that my friendships with girls would be rocky and that boys were not catty and made the best friends. 3rd grade was also the year that my favorite teacher was Mrs. Holliday. She was a great teacher who made sure we ordered books from the catalogs to start a lifelong love of reading and owning lots of books. One Friday after work, Mrs. Holliday killed herself, just like Don Cornelius. We found out the following Monday. The suicide of my beloved teacher made me somewhat detached. I don't like Mondays. They always seem to be the worst days for hearing bad news. I almost come to expect something bad to happen. High school was rather calm and I maintained good grades. My family's advice was "keep your dress tail down and you won't get pregnant. Being the precocious one, I often wondered what if you're wearing pants? I got acne but I didn't get pregnant. which by now, I'd probably be a grandmother. I ran for campus queen. The competition was stiff but guess who won? Competition never scares me. Matter of fact, it makes me be my best self. When my family dropped me off at Alcorn State University, I was the first in my immediate family to attend and eventually graduate, from a 4 year college. While the military was always an option, I was the inspiration for other family members and neighbors to do the same. I could NOT cook when they dropped me off. Alcorn is deep in the woods and I learned quickly that I would not live long if I ate the mystery meat in the cafeteria too often. A hot plate & microwave became my go to dorm room cooking tool. I had my share of interesting characters for roommates but was eventually paired up with some nice girls. Two of my colleges roommates and I are still friends. Matter of fact, I formed friendships with a few young ladies with whom I am still close friends with to this day. We don't always have to talk but manage to always pick up where we left off. Facebook really makes it easy to catch up. I love my friends. Unlike some fair weather associates who show their true colors by being two faced grown women who betray face value acquaintances. (If you haven't been to my house or me to yours honey . . we ain't friends. Rather, we are acquaintances to be kept on a short leash. I stumbled upon a fun major that developed my love of photography I even learned to develop black and white photos. I also learned about videography. Somehow, I always knew that people would be watching my videos on a screen.Who knew Youtube would make that dream a reality. My high school counselors never discussed in depth about college and it seemed like some far away mystical place. Attending an HBCU gave me the chance to find my way in this new world. Fortunately for me and others, The Cosby Show was on every Thursday in the campus TV room shaping the image of professional African Americans and my idol, Denise Huxtable helped me continue to transition to college life in her role in A Different World. Spike Lee directed School Daze and Greek Organization memberships were very popular. During undergrad, I accepted the invitation to pledge the only Greek organization that I ever piqued my interest.

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