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Shaw University Take Over PSA - featuring Bartendaz and Kooley High!

Description We were contracted to produce a Public Service Announcement for Shaw University's Alcohol Awareness week by Damen Cromwell (substance abuse counselor) and the Shaw University Peer Educator Role Models. This is the first of a three-part campaign created to inspire college-aged individuals to "Take Over" their minds, bodies, and souls as well as raise awareness about the many ways alcohol and substance abuse can influence and affect that trinity in a negative way. We are attempting to send a real message about investing in self, and not wasting time engaging in destructive activities. This first spot takes a look at how we can take over our bodies and health, by making a decision that might be a little bit harder at first, but will definitely pay off positive dividends in the long run. This PSA features NYC-based physical fitness organization Bartendaz/Giant Thinking. The Bartendaz share a similar goal, sending positive messages out into the world about the values of physical fitness, self-empowerment and alcohol awareness. They use their unique brand of calisthenics (natural movement, own-body weight exercises) to attract and inspire youth to live active, healthy, and positive lifestyles. Also featured are local NC hip-hop group, Kooley High. Not only is their music featured (as well as a solo track by Tab One from the group), but two of their members performed as actors! Their contribution took this piece to a whole new level. Most importantly, many students from Shaw participated and were featured in the spot. We absolutely could not have pulled it off without the Shaw University Band. Big thanks to everyone! Written and directed by B. Rain Bennett, Flying Flounder Productions (based in Chapel Hill) is handling all aspects of production and post-production for the campaign with the help of many local individuals and organizations. We have high hopes for this campaign and really want everyone to help get people to view it. I hope that all of you involved can send this out to your respective networks, website developers (if you want to post it), social media sites, and account managers. If you do share it, please credit Flying Flounder Productions as well as your part in the piece. With the niche markets we hit (alcohol/substance abuse organizations; college and HBCU programs; sports, health, and fitness programs; community involvement programs; hip-hop culture) we are extremely confident that we can make this video viral and achieve our goal of getting it broadcast and becoming a national campaign. Please help in any way you can. In the words of the Bartendaz: Health is Wealth, and Movement is Medicine!

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