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10+ Free College Appeal Letter & How To Write It

College appeal letter is a letter that’s used as an opportunity to provide your college with the context, reasons, and future plans on your academic shortcomings. Students usually make college appeal letter when they get dismissed from their college.

The reason behind college letting them do this is because they know that the grades never tell the full story behind their students’ personal life. However, there are effective and ineffective ways to write a college appeal letter, and today, we’ll be talking about how to create the perfect college appeal letter to help you with your university.

Tips to Write College Appeal Letter

Setting the Right Tone

From the very beginning of your letter, you need to sound personal and heartbroken. Your college is giving you a second chance to study, after all. And the committee members also take the time out of their day to volunteer to consider your appeal too because they believe that you, a deserving student, has a second chance to consider.

Start your letter by addressing it to the committee who handles your appeals. Instead of using the usual, business-like opening such as “To whom it may concern”, you will most likely have a specific name to who you can address your letter to.

Doing this gives your letter a personal touch and makes it more heartfelt for them. Another thing to note with writing a college appeal letter is that avoid making demands on your appeal letter, even if you felt like you were treated unfairly.

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Instead, express how appreciative you are that the committee is willing to give you a second chance to start again.

Be Honest

College appeal letter most of the time is only required when you’re facing a shortcoming for your education. This shortcoming can be embarrassing for you, or is just something that you don’t want to talk about to anyone. But the important thing here is that appeal letter is your way to be honest to them again.

Whatever is the reason for your bad grades, always make sure that you’re honest. Own up to the struggles and/or shortcomings that result you in where you are right now. The whole idea about appeal letter is that they believe in second chances for you.

And that means that they’re expecting you to own up your mistakes, admit them, and promise to not do it again. If you’re dishonest with it on your letter, you’re basically going nowhere with it and you’ll just be wasting everyone’s time on you.

Don’t Blame it on Other People

Continuing with the owning up your mistakes line of thought, it’s easy for students to be defensive and embarrassed when they fail their classes for whatever reason it is. Still, blaming those mistakes on others won’t help the situation at all.

That being said, you should still explain the circumstances you were experiencing that leads you to failing classes.

Be polite and humble

It’s easy to be angry when you’re dismissed from a college, because at the end of the day, you paid them thousand and thousands of dollars to enroll on them, but we’re talking about an appeal letter here. A college appeal letter is a favor from them to you.

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It’s a favor that gives you a second chance, and while you don’t see it, your appeal letters committee handlers probably spend tons of their time, even their vacation time to consider your appeals.

They’re not your enemy, they’re your allies, and as such be polite and thank them for their time.

College Appeal Letter Samples

College Appeal Letter 01
College Appeal Letter 01
College Appeal Letter 02
College Appeal Letter 02
College Appeal Letter 03
College Appeal Letter 03
College Appeal Letter 04
College Appeal Letter 04
College Appeal Letter 05
College Appeal Letter 05


No matter how upset you are about your dismissal, make sure to always be honest and polite in your appeal letter, because being upset and elevating the situation even higher won’t help your situation in the slightest.

If you’re still confused on how to write a college appeal letter, consider checking out the samples and templates we provided above.


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