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10+ Free College Leave Letter Samples and Templates

College leave letter is a letter that’s written when a student needs to leave college for a period of time due to issues such as personal issues, health issues, financial issues, and etc.

A college leave letter is important if you want to leave colleges for a little bit and lets the faculty know of your reason behind doing so instead of taking an extended absence that could affect your grades adversely. But, as with most things letters and formal document related, there are guidelines that you have to follow.

Must-Include Points in College Leave Letter

No matter the reason behind your leave letter, there should always be these things below:

  • A salutation to the college
  • Subject of the letter
  • The reason for your leave
  • The time that your leave will take.
  • Contact details such as phone numbers and email address.

Tips to Write a College Leave Letter

Due to the nature of it being a favor that you’re asking from your university, being civil and humble is the thing you have to convey first and foremost in your letter. But other than that, there are a couple of tips to help you write a better college leave letter.

  • Read the guidelines and rules for your university

Before making a college leave letter, it’s important to understand that the rules and guidelines concerning it differs from many colleges around the world. Make sure to study and understand what the rules and guidelines are before asking for a leave from your university.

  • Lay out your reasons clearly

The reason behind your soon-to-be absence should be laid out clearly in your college leave letter. This will give the impression to your college that you are indeed honest, and in a need of a break from college. If your reason is written haphazardly, chances are they’ll straight out reject your college leave letter.

  • Give a convincing reason, but don’t lie.

Continuing with the reason topic, it’s important for you to convince them that you do indeed need a break from college due to your circumstances. Include details that will give them insight to your situation right now, but don’t bring out some half-truths or even lies to your reason.

  • Not too short, not too long.

There’s a fine balance in writing the perfect college leave letter. If you write it too short, it’ll give out the impression that you’re not actually in need of a break, and if you write it too long, it’ll only seem like you’re just making excuses to take a break from college.

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As such, a rule of thumb that you can use to decide the length of your letter is that it should be around 100-200 words at most for the body part of the letter. Anything below or above that would just seem like you’re fibbing.

  • Be professional

Since you’re asking for a favor from your university, keep your language to be as professional and concise as possible. Avoid using slang’s as they can reduce your chance of being approved tremendously.

  • Show your determinism

Since you’re taking a break out of college, you will most undoubtedly miss out on a lot of classes and studies in your break. But there’s no need to be down on it either. Show your optimism and determinism in your letter that you intend to catch up with the rest of your classmates.

This will show the university that you’re determined and even if you’re behind, you’re still willing to put in the work to catch up with others, which is a quality that every college loves.

College Leave Letter Templates and Samples

College Leave Letter 01
College Leave Letter 01


College Leave Letter 02
College Leave Letter 02


College Leave Letter 03
College Leave Letter 03


College Leave Letter 04
College Leave Letter 04


College Leave Letter 05
College Leave Letter 05


College Leave Letter 06
Leave Letter College 06
College Leave Letter 07
Leave Letter College 07
College Leave Letter 08
Leave Letter College 08
College Leave Letter 09
Leave Letter College 09
College Leave Letter 10
Leave Letter College 10


Everyone needs to take a break sometimes, and you might be one yourself. So, we hope that this college leave letter guide and templates can help you get the break from college that you wanted. If you find it useful, make sure to forward it to your other classmates who look like they need a break themselves.

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