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College Letter of Interest 2 Free Examples and Template

College letter of interest, or otherwise known as letter of interest and letter of intent is a letter that’s most of the time required by many universities, or colleges as a part of the admission process. As such, it’s of the greatest importance for students to learn how to write a good college letter of interest.

But thankfully, we’re here to teach you exactly that. In today’s article, you will learn about how to write the best college letter of interest as well as the many college letter of interest templates that can help you get started quicker than ever.

How to Write a College Letter of Interest

Research the college and/or educational program thoroughly.

Before you even start thinking of drafting your own college letter of interest, you should always, always research the college, university, or the educational program that you’re about to apply. Helpful things to know about the college includes things such as mission statement, as well as its program description.

Knowing at the very least these two things will help ensure that the college or program you’re applying for is the best fit for your strengths and goals in the future.

Learn about its structure first

While this doesn’t really apply for college letter of interest for undergraduates, it’s an important thing to know if you’re thinking of enrolling to graduate or postgraduate programs. For example, the program that you want to take may fall under the umbrella of some larger education institutions in the word.

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As to why it’s important, it’s because by learning the structure of your program, you can ensure that you will get the addressing part of your college letter of interest correctly.

Follow the directions

Each and every educational institution has different set of rules in place for their admission programs. So, going back to the first step, always do your research. After doing your research, follow the things you have learned word by word.

Don’t be too overzealous and start doing things that the program doesn’t tell you to do. You also need to make sure that you understand the rules written for the program.

Examine what achievements you have under your belt

Achievements is one of the things that can help you get into college easier. So, knowing and understanding how many you have under your belt will help tremendously as you’re drafting your college letter of interest.

That being said, only list out achievements that actually correlates or align with the direction you’re thinking on following in college. For example, if you have tons and tons of achievements and certificates related to coding and computer programming, you should only use those when you’re applying for a college and thinking on majoring in Computer Science, or others.

What is your goal?

As you start finishing the draft of your college letter of interest, it’s time to ask yourself with the big question of what is it the goal that you have? And why do you think that attending this college will help you achieve your goal.

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This helps your college admissions committee get to know you a little bit closer, and as such, it results in them trusting you a little bit more.

College Letter of Interest Templates

College Letter of Interest 01
College Letter of Interest 01
College Letter of Interest 02
College Letter of Interest 02


That’s all that we can say for today’s article about college letter of interest. As you can see, it’s a necessary piece of document for anyone thinking on furthering their education through college or university. And while it’s such a daunting thing to think about at first, we hope this article of ours can help alleviate those fears of yours.

As such, if you find it useful, please do share it with your friends who might be having a hard time with writing a college letter of interest. That’s all from us, see you next time!



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