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8+ College Recruiting Letter Free Sample and Template

College recruiting letter is something that’s usually written and sent to someone by coaches when they’ve taken an interest to them. They’re mostly carry good news. However, since these aren’t that common, knowing how recruiting letter look like will be useful to you and your endeavors.

If you’re in this article, you might be one of those coaches trying to learn how to write a college recruiting letter, or maybe you’re on the other side of the spectrum instead trying to learn what a recruiting letter is like.

Either way, having and knowing about a college recruiting letter will help with both of your endeavor in trying to write one, or to familiar yourself with one.

Writing a College Recruiting Letter

If you’ve noticed from the recruiting letter that we’ve provided below, a college recruiting letter’s composition is more or less similar to most college letters in general, as in it has:

An introduction

Introduction is the place where coaches introduce themselves to you, as well as the reason behind why they’re contacting you through this letter.

It’s a short paragraph, usually around five to six sentences long, and is very straightforward and to-the-point. So, if you’re writing a recruiting letter through our recruiting letter that we’ve provided you below, keep in mind to make the introduction part of short.

The main body of the letter

The second paragraph will then elucidate about the thing that the college coach stated on the first paragraph. It’s basically the paragraph where they explain why they’re recruiting you as well as everything that that entails. Starting from benefits, terms, and other information you need to know about the offer.

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This paragraph will then be somewhat longer than the first paragraph, but, it’s still pretty short.

And closure

After that coaches will usually close the letter with a closing statement where they sometimes include their personal contact details such as phone number or email address.

And that’s pretty much it for a recruiting letter. As you can see, it’s pretty short, so writing one wouldn’t be that hard for you. But if you’re still struggling here’s some letter of college recruiting .

College Recruiting Letter Samples and Templates

Now that we’ve done knowing what a college recruiting letter is like, here are some college recruiting letter samples that can help you familiarize yourself with the letter.


The Takeaway

All in all, college recruiting letter is a very simple letter. As you can probably tell from the college recruiting letter samples we’ve provided above, it’s also a very short letter. It’s very straight and to the point. It also follows the standard college letter formatting in that it’s composed by introduction, body, and closure.

Thanks to that, you’re in luck if you’re tasked with writing a college recruiting letter because one: It’s pretty simple to make, and two: there are a lot of college recruiting sample letter and templates you can find on the internet, such as the ones in this article of ours.

Closing Words

Now that all’s said and done, it’s time for us to make our leave. Thank you for reading this article on college recruiting example letter, formatting, and templates. And we hope that you find what was written in the article useful whether you’re a student looking out for college recruiting letter, or if you’re a coach that’s been tasked by writing a college recruiting letter.

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And if you do, make sure to let your friends know about the article. It’s a great letter to receive and know about, after all. So, it’d be useful for your friends to know about the letters too. That’s all for now, thanks again, and we’ll see you later in another article.


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