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30+ Best College Scholarship Letter of Recommendation (Examples and Templates)

College scholarship letter of recommendation is a necessary document when it comes to scholarship offers and most scholarship program in general. Since they’re one of the most necessary things when it comes to scholarship programs, it’s also important for you to be able to write the best one for your student.

Generally, writing the best college scholarship letter of recommendation includes you being punctual and professional with the letter itself. Because after all, it serves as the way the committee behind the scholarship to know and understand the candidate.

So, how do you actually write one yourself for your student?

General Tips for College Scholarship Letter of Recommendation

Know your student

While this seems to be too obvious to even include as a tip for this article, it’s still a valid point to mention because when most people, teachers and parents alike, tend to forget about this exact thing as they’re drafting the letter.

As the one responsible for this college scholarship letter of recommendation, it’s important to know that it’s about the candidate or your student. You need to know about your student first before starting to draft the letter.

Here are the things you could get starter for this point: know their personality, their academic prowess, and their personal skills. As long as you have these three things as your starter point, you should be good to go.

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Highlight their potential

As you’re finally come to know your student, it’s time to highlights the potential inside them. College scholarship letter of recommendation is all about convincing the admissions committee as to why they should accept your student for the scholarship.

You may talk about how good they are at solving complex problems that you gave them as a part of their homework, or if they are applying for scholarship for something that’s more community related than academic related, talk about their past experiences in volunteering and how they excel in them in the college scholarship letter of recommendation.

Either way, doing this thing lets the committee know that you truly do know about your student, and you believe in their potential that makes them admittable for the scholarship.

Don’t forget to edit

Before sending the letter to be submitted and reviewed, don’t forget to edit and proofread the document.

College scholarship letter of recommendation is meant to show that the candidate is someone that they’re looking for. In other words, they’re looking for someone they can trust to be professional.

If you managed to send the letter with some typos and factual errors attached to it, things won’t end well for your student.

Ask them the proper guidelines

Despite being your responsibility to write the letter, each scholarship programs have different set of standards and guidelines in place as to how and where the candidate should format the letter. You might think you already know the proper way to send the letter.

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But, doing so is just being pretentious and overzealous. So, before starting to make any moves concerning where and when the letter should be sent, ask your students first. Because at the end of the day, they’re the ones getting the scholarship, thus, they also know how and where to send it.

College Scholarship Letter of Recommendation


College Scholarship Letter of Recommendation Templates


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And that’s all that we can say for today’s article. As you can see yourself, these tips are something that’s a bit more general and one that can be applied to most letters.

However, thanks to the generality of said tips, it’s not uncommon for people to just straight up forget about them.

So, we hope that this article can help you remember the tips you need in order to succeed in writing the letter you wanted, and as a result, getting the scholarship that your student wanted.

That’s all from us for now, thank you for reading this article, and we’ll see you next time.


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